Balkans – Macedonia

We spent August on our Balkans Tour and it’s time to share some photos and videos. For the photos, I started to use Instagram actively.

Our first destination was Macedonia. We stayed for 4 nights there, 2 nights in Skopje and 2 nights in Ohrid. We liked both cities. I think that 2 nights in Skopje is ideal but you can spend a lot more nights if you just want to relax or trekking or some kind similar activity…

We also went to Canyon Matka and spend almost the whole day. Nice easy trekking trail, pleasant place for some canoeing. My first video is about Canyon Matka. Don’t miss it and please subscribe!

Rest is coming 🙂


SONNISS.COM is giving away 30GB+ of high-quality sound effects


When I stumble upon like this giveaway, I approach cautiously but this giveaway deserves praise. There are 985 high-quality WAV files, taking up more than 30GB. Usable personally or commercially on an unlimited number of projects without attribution.

I have used one of them in my visual crime novel trailer.

Go download all until it’s too late!

Blender for Video Editing

I always loved Blender but I never used as a video editing tool before. Today, I was trying to download Windows Movie Maker for my Windows 10 machine and I learned that it reached end of support. It was a decent enough tool that I don’t want to replace for simple video projects.

I searched open-source alternatives and decided to use Blender instead of installing some new software, knowing that learning blender for video editing will need some “extra” tutorials.

I spent some time on how can I speed up strip/s, how can I remove gaps between strips, how can I save my movie (you don’t ‘Animate’ your clips, you ‘Animation’ them) … After several minutes and curses, everything was okay and I’m happy with the output.

The video was for the promotion of my new story application called CĂĽrĂĽm for the android platform. You can download it for free on GooglePlay.

OoOoooOh I forgot, here is the video.


GIMP Saving Layers as Separate Images

If you ever need to save your layers as separate images, you certainly need a plugin. Doing this process without a plugin will definitely be a nightmarish experience for you.

Lucky for us, github user khalim19 covers this need with the repository named gimp-plugin-export-layers. Don’t forget to download latest release!