Ciphertext Available on the App Store


CipherText was the first game project that I fully completed and marketed in 2012. It was a universal iOS puzzle game. I made it using Cocos2d. All the coding, artwork, videos and marketing is done by me. It didn’t turn out profitable but I’m proud that I developed it from concept to full product less than a half-year. It was a great challenge and experience. You can find its description, walk-through, source code and much more below.


Move to the adjacent safe square/s using the information based on the numbers of mines around you. Use your logic and memory to complete 40 unique levels.

Can’t find a way out? Use your abilities: move diagonally or meditate to get detailed information about the number of mines around you.

There are portals to make things harder too!

Push the limits of your memory by adjusting the difficulty of levels.

Collect clues by completing levels and try to decrypt the ciphertext.

Get The Source Code.



“… This game is about as basic as it gets. With computer-terminal-like graphics, no sound, and easy gameplay, this couldn’t be any more bare bones. Yet it’s the strategy and subtle hints dropped along the way that provides the challenge. …” ★★★☆☆ –

“If you enjoy the puzzlle logic of minesweeper, you’re in for a real treat with this one. Same fun base, but rebooted and surprisingly modern and slick.” ★★★★☆